Webinar review – Charles Hadfield : Creative Grammar IATEFL

Fab English ideas

Another advantage of being an IATEFL member is being able to snuggle down of an afternoon and watch a webinar whenever I’ve got the time and inclination. I’d been meaning to watch this one for a while and was pleased to finally find time yesterday.

The cool but frustrating thing about watching recorded webinars is that I can also follow the chat box, but can’t join in. I saw a few familiar names up there (@ELTmethods, @trishiels, to name but a few), it was like tapping at a glass window when no-one can hear you – “hi guys, I’m here!”

Charles began by describing his training as a French teacher, using the “Question & Answer” technique, “is this an apple?” “No, it’s an orange” or more likely “why are you asking me such a stupid question? Are you blind?”

He described the stone wall difficulties he faced when he tried…

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