Here’s a little something for you – a holiday season activity

Simply inspirational and challenging activity.

Here’s a quick activity that might be great for the festive season. It comes from a lecture by Matt Abrahams, a lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Business who teaches …

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All Talk & No Action in ELT?

“Subvert the notion of top-down training by organising your own CPD sessions. This can be meetings carried out the next time you have a free lesson, it could be a meeting over a coffee or beer.” (M. Jones, 2017)

That is called Lifelong learning, Teachers learning from each other (PETsNet’s motto), For teachers, by teachers (iTDi’s motto), Building our PLN.

Freelance Teacher Self Development


Hamstrung by Money

This weekend was the TESOL Summit in Athens, and like many an ill-advised corporate venture, it was hashtagged to encourage (token) engagement from stakeholders to give (the illusion that) teachers have a say.

The problem is, the last time I looked Pearson isn’t a teacher, nor is Cengage: they are materials developers who make money from coursebooks and so have an interest in keeping teachers deskilled so that language-teaching organisations can implement a Fordist-Taylorist employment structure where any worker is immediately replaceable. If you will, it’s taking the skilled craftsperson and putting them at the same level as someone trained to tighten four bolts with a ratchet 75 times a minute. The British Council, a corporate entity masquerading as a quasi-governmental body (or the other way around) is one of the sponsors. The same British Council who implements observations of various language centres across Britain but also…

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Why print coursebooks still matter | ELTjam

When I’m not working, I’m generally eating and drinking. And, because cookbook publishing exists, my two interests occasionally intersect. The parallels between cookbook publishing and ELT publishing are greater than you’d expect – and one of the main ones is the enduring value and attachment to print books.

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What does she mean by the ‘end’ of language education? — IATEFL-Hungary blog

Maggie Kubanyiova is talking about the purposes (=ends) of language educations.

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Recording of my Innovate ELT 2016 plenary

“English has changed. It doesn’t belong to the English any more. Nor does it belong to the US, the Irish or the Australians. It belongs to all of us, all those who teach it. Who study it. Who use it. It is an international language. A beautifully diverse one.”

TEFL Equity Advocates

This is the video recording of my 10 minute plenary at Innovate ELT 2016 in Barcelona. Some parts of the original did not record properly, unfortunately, so I had to rerecord them at home. Still, I hope you enjoy it and I would love to hear your comments. Below the video, you can read the transcript of the plenary.

If you’re interested in getting involved in TEFL Equity Advocates campaign, take a look at this page for ideas on how you can help.

Plenary transcript

How many of you in the audience are NNS?

And how many are NS?

And how many of you are English teachers?

This is precisely the point I’d like to make today. We’re all English teachers. And if we want to empower ourselves, it can only be done together. As English teachers.

So I have a very simple dream. A dream that one day we’ll…

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DELTA – what is it about and is it worth it?

Reasons to choose Delta:
– Take your career to the next level by showing you have what it takes to progress in your current role or move to a more senior role.
– Choose from a range of flexible and convenient study options, including full-time or part-time courses with face-to-face, online and distance learning options.
– Deepen your knowledge of English language teaching, by extending your expertise in a specialist area.

The TEFL Show

In this episode of the TEFL Show podcasts we discuss DELTA or the Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, which is run by Cambridge Assessment. We talk about the format and the content of the course, and tell you a bit more about our own experience doing it. We give some recommendations for how and where you can do it, and whether doing it is worth your time and money at all.

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About Halina’s approach to teaching/learning languages

“…about XXI century teaching/ learning regarding optionally and supplementary techniques to be considered.”
Halina Ostańkowicz-Bazan invites us to “…Discussing new methods and techniques available in the XXI century education…”

About Halina’s approach to teaching/learning languages.